Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Well a further 4 months have gone by and I felt it was time to update on my news.  It has been a fraught couple of months with Howi having further issues with IBD and his bad back leg, but again he has bounced back. Then Tegan was the next one to have a problem as I found a mammary lump which was removed and she was speyed at the same time to be on the safe side. Unfortunately the lump came back as nasty - a Ductural Carcinoma, hopefully it was caught early enough and has not already spread but keeping a close eye on her now for any further lumps or symptoms. Whilst she was in the vets she was checked as her breathing was changing and getting louder, vets checked her Larynx and she has signs of LP on the left hand side, which is sad as she was tested NN for LPN 1 and 2, so looks like she may have a different form of LPN.  Xia has now turned 8 years old and she is doing quite well although she is suffering with Spondylitis in her back in three places but with pain relief she is doing ok, but the last couple of months she has really aged !!!  Thankfully Jayda is fit and healthy and thoroughly enjoying being a mother again to three male pups.  It was not my plan to mate her so early but after Tegan being speyed I had no option but to do so as I could have lost my breeding and bloodlines which took me 20 years to get to where I am now.  I used the same male as last time as the pups they produced last time have grown into cracking puppies with all the traits of a Leo, and I was hoping to keep a female this time. This was not to be as she had 3 boys lol !!!  However I have decided to keep a male from this litter for the future. I am not sure now in which direction I will be going as I have no more girls to breed from and as I live on my own and I am not getting any younger I don't know if I really want to buy in another female and start again. Only time will tell now.  I do however look forward to watching my boy grow and attend shows with him and to do Water Work etc as well with LCGB North West Working Group over the summer.

Jayda" - Vectiseleon Second to None 
Hips 6:4, Elb 0, Eyes Clear Current LPN 1 & 2 NN, LEMP NN
"Icon" - CH Icon of Kinglords Z Leonkovho Raja for Jocolda JW ShCM 
Hips 5:5, Elb 0, Eyes clear Current LPN 1 & 2 NN, LEMP NN

DOB:-  27th April 2017

3 Males all over 1.5lbs when born, by emergency caesarean

All pups are sold

A new blood test has now been made available for an awful condition called Leukoencephalomyelopathy and breeding guidelines are as follows:-

Katie Minor from the University of Minnesota states:

These are our LEMP breeding recommendations sent with every report: 

In general, LEMP-D/D dogs should not be used for breeding. We do not recommend automatic exclusion of LEMP carrier (D/N) dogs from the breeding pool. We do recommend avoiding matings that have the potential to produce affected (D/D) offspring. As long as one of the two parents is LEMP clear (N/N), affected offspring will not be produced. In a global group of more than 5,000 Leonbergers which have been submitt...ed to our laboratories, about 14% were D/N carrier dogs. (This corresponds to an affected rate of ~0.5%) 

Immediately eliminating all D/N dogs from breeding may have negative consequences for the genetic diversity of the breed. We recommend testing litters of D/N x N/N matings, and if all other considerations are equal, preferentially the N/N pups (50%) should be kept for future breeding. 

Katie comment: But, if in a litter you prefer a puppy who is LEMP DN, keep that one by all means. They can be safely bred to a clear mate. The point of genetic testing should be to keep as many dogs as possible in the breeding population without producing disease.

The condition is described as follows:-

A neurological disorder, termed leukoencephalomyelopathy (LEMP) has described in Leonberger dogs. LEMP is a recessively inherited neurodegenerative disorder that affects the white matter of the central nervous system (CNS).  Canine LEMP is characterized by slowly worsening gait abnormalities, especially spontaneous knuckling, dragging of the paws and hypermetria of the thoracic limbs, and a characteristic pattern on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Affected dogs show corresponding gross lesions in the cervical spinal cord white matter that may extend to the thoracic spinal cord, as well as to the brain; peripheral nerve and muscle biopsies are unremarkable.  Canine  LEMP often shows  a  juvenile  onset  and is characterized  by  a  generalized  progressive ataxia. Spinal reflexes of affected dogs are mostly normal.  In  the  progressive  clinical  course  of  the  disease,  affected  dogs may become  increasingly  immobile  within  a  few  months.  Like many diseases of the CNS, there is no effective treatment for LEMP. Since in most cases  the  dog  is  not  in  pain, but  is  strongly  restricted  in  its  quality  of  life,  owners  are  encouraged  to  ask a veterinarian for advice.


Results for my gang are as follows:- 

Estelle V.Lowenkraft mit Vectiseleon - NN

Vectiseleon Rian Daxia - NN

Vectiseleon Miss Behavin - NN

Vectiseleon Second to None - NN

Vectiseleon Shalaye - DN

Many more photos added to Gallerys - Xias Pics, Jayda Litter 1, Flair Litter 1, Tegan Litter 1, Xia Litter 1

New Gallery Page added - Jayda Litter 2

More news to follow soon xxx

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