Onwards and Upwards

Well it has been a few weeks now since I lost my darling Flair and the house is still too quiet without her to greet me in the mornings.  Today I have ordered a sapling tree which I am going to plant in the bottom paddock where I will put her ashes along with Lola and Ellies ashes.  This was their favourite place to run about all day and I know they will be happy there together and I can watch the tree grow and flourish as my memories grow and the pain subsides each day. Since Flair has gone the other 5 girls are now getting back to normal and are eating well again now, although Eysha is still off her food.  She has been to see a specialist as she kept getting the cyst between her toes.  The vet says she has a skin allergy and that she is to be bathed twice a week to see how she goes on.  Touch wood the cyst has not come back yet.  I am still concerned with her as she is not eating enough and we cannot find a cause as to why at present.  She is on a low dose of steroids to perk her up and I hoping that this will make her want to eat more.

Evie and Xia have both had all their tests done now and their results are on their own pages and I am pleased with both sets of results. I am now in the process of looking for a nice male for Evie for February next year, and I am looking in Europe, so watch this space for any further news.  I have already had a couple of reservations, and it is always nice when previous puppy owners come back for another pup from me.  If you are interested in a pup please dont hesitate to contact me for a chat in the first instance. 

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