A sad day here at Vectiseleon Leos

Yesterday 27th June, was a very sad day for me.  My gorgeous Flair was rushed to the vets yesterday morning with similar symptons to bloat again which she had had a few months before.  She had had a couple of episodes where she was obviously in a great deal of pain and discomfort but we could not find a cause.  it was decided that we would wait for her to have another bout and she would be referred immediately to see what was going on.  With her being in pain yesterday morning I took her to my vets to get her checked and to see if we could get her referred straight away.  I left her with my vet thinking that she was going to be x-rayed and she would be coming home the same day.  I had only been home for half an hour and I got the call from my vet to say that she had collapsed and died and there was noting they could do.  I am in total shock at the moment as I cannot believe that she has gone so quickly and unexpectedly.  The post mortem was as follows:  It certainly wasn't what I was expecting, although the outcome was the same - heart muscle tumours are invariably fatal. It wasn't even in the normal place, it was sticking out of the right ventricle (like a piece of root ginger). I've looked again to see if I missed something, but can't see it. Certainly pain doesn't appear to be feature of the disease - unless the gastropexy was causing her a bit of pain. The site of stitching to the stomach wall certainly looked unremarkable. They tend to show signs of right hand sided heart failure. It's odd as even at the end her mucous membrane colour was excellent!.

Flair came to me from Jeannine Donceel in Belgium at 10 months old in April 2006 after a stay with Julie Jones for her Pet passport and she immediately settled in with my other girls with no problems.  She was a absolute delight to own, she had a very endearing trait of yodelling like a Wookie every morning when I came down stairs and I could hold a conversation with her for minutes.  Friends would always laugh when we would talk on the phone as Flair would be in the background joining in the conversation lol.  She will be missed very much in the household, but I have 3 of her daughters here and a further 17 siblings to carry on her memory.  She also has 2 grandchildren living with Julie in France ( Bavaruki) called Jarni and Kookie, who I look forward to seeing even more so now at the World Show in Paris next week - 7th July.  I have many good memories of Flair over the 6 years all even more precious to me now and these will help me get through the hard times.  RIP my gorgeous girl Estelle v. Lowenkraft - Flair DOB 25/05/2005 - Passed away 27/06/2011.

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