5th March 2012

Well what a busy couple of weeks I have had !!!  Julie (Bavaruki) has now moved back to the UK and it was lovely to see Caly, Jarnie and Kookie again, they really are turning into gorgeous Leo's and I am so proud of them. Flair certainly produced some lovely progeny and her spirit will continue to live on in them.  I still miss her dreadfully, and the house is still very quiet without her yodelling, but each day gets slightly easier and the pain gets less. 

Evie as usual caught me unawares lol and decided to come in season a few weeks early, but after a few visits to vets for blood tests, matings took place over the weekend, so I can now sit back and relax somewhat until 28 days when I will scan her to see if she in pup or not.  I am hoping that she will be as this is a 4th generation from my sweetheart Ellie, and the combination between Evie and Kabir is very exciting, and it will be lovely to see what they produce. It will also be a lovely time of year for the pups to be born in May and if all goes well ready to go to their new homes in early July.  I have to say this is probably the worst part now waiting to see, but I am sure I can keep myself busy till then lol

Crufts is looming now next weekend, and I did have Tegan and Xia both qualified and entered, but they both have now come into season far too early as they were not due for another 3 months, so it does not look like I will be showing them this year, which is very disappointing as having bred two beautiful girls and qualified them I was over the moon.  Mind you having checked Xia tonight I am not convinced it is a full season as there is no blood there now !!!!  So maybe she will be going on Saturday, I will have to see on Friday.

Not much else to report for now, but watch out for updates as I get any further news or updates.

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