5th April 2014

Hi many months have yet again passed and I have not got round to updating my website. I have spent approximately 6 hours updating it today with tonnes of photos etc.


Photos added in Gallery for - Eysha, Evie Litter 1, Howi, Jayda, Xia Litter 1, Roxy, Tegan, Xia, Ellie Litter 1 and 2, Flair Litter 1 and 3

Show Results added for Jayda and Tegan

There have been a few shows, with Tegan and Jayda, both doing well, Tegan is now on 2 RCCs and Jayda and her siblings are also doing well at the shows. I am so proud of all my pups whether shown or pets, and I thank the owners for all keeping in touch with me and sending photos in and updates.  Jaydas sister Boo has settled really well in Canada and has been to a few shows, and has done well, Kuma in Jersey has been shown both in Jersey and November last year at our LCGB Champ Show getting 4th behind Jayda in their class. She has done extremely well in Jersey and has qualified for Crufts 2015, gaining  Best Working Puppy , Best working junior and best working novice in Jersey kennel Club Winter Championship Show.  She also got Group 3 in Working Group.  so will be great to see her there. Tann owned by Judith Dawes has had a great start to his showing career, and he topped it off at Crufts 2014 with BPIB under Joan Rushby, a great end to his puppy classes.

Logan continues to be consistently placed at shows and he has matured into a lovely boy, as has that whole litter. Howi now is the biggest out of the litter, which is great news, as he was such a sickly pup and did not develop like the rest of his siblings and we were not sure if he was going to live past 6 months, well 23 months on and he is a huge lad. He is a real goof, and his character is great, and he makes me laugh every day with his goof ball antics. He simply loves life and everything that goes with it.  Now he is older he will be going in to be castrated once his implant wears off, so he will be safe around my girls, especially when in season.

Eysha is still having a few problems, the cysts on her foot would not go away and they were constantly weeping so we decided with the advice of my vet, to have the webbing taken away between her two toes, to hopefully stop the cysts coming back as they were causing her a lot of discomfort.  Her foot is healing well, and the bandage is now off to let air get to it, as she has a pressure sore on her pad, but it is getting there now.  Her arthritis is progressively getting worse, but I am hoping as the warmer weather comes in that she will feel more comfortable now in her joints, and her spine.  I am also concerned now as she has got suspected LP which my vet diagnosed when she was in for her foot operation, her breathing is getting worse and she is not happy doing a lot of exercise anymore, again I am hoping that the warmer months will not affect her for this.  So all in all I think she has pretty much had everything throne at her in the last few years, yet she still is happy and constantly wags her tail.  I am dreading what the next few months hold with her, but I will deal with anything as it happens, I am now just enjoying her company and hugs xx

I am now more involved with the Leonberger, I am now on the Main Committee and Treasurer for the LCGB, and on the Welfare Sub Committee too.  I feel as I have been in the breed for nearly 17 years that the time is right to put something back to the breed.  Thanks to everyone that voted for me last October I hope I am able to work for the Members and breed both with passion and integrity.

I have updated the Buying a Puppy section too, with a few things for potential puppy buyers to be aware of, as Puppy Contracts, Endorsements and paperwork are at the forefront more and more often now, especially if you are a KC Accredited Breeder. I have been with this scheme from the very beginning but I now feel that as I only breed the odd litter that the fees are a little extortionate especially as all the paperwork I provide with my pups is something I did well before the ABS was introduced.  So I have decided not to renew this year, however this does not detract form the fact that my dogs and puppies are all well cared for and brought up in the house and are well socialised and cared for as can be seen by any one wishing to visit me, and many of my puppy buyers would also confirm this too.

Tegan was mated with Logan back at the beginning of March with two good matings, and was mated after the blood tests and lab said she was ready. Despite this and some signs from Tegan I had her scanned at 28 days and nothing was found on the scan. I am taking her back at 5.5 weeks to scan her again but it is not looking good this time.  I am so disappointed as it is the first time I have mated a Vectiseleon to a Vectiseleon and it has taken me 10 years to get to this stage, with two bloodlines and now merging the two lines back together.  So I will do this last scan and then if she isn't pregnant we will have to try again in August 2014 when she is next in season and maybe second time lucky.  Watch this space for news lol !!!!

Penny xxxxxx


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