4th May 2013

Busy busy busy, is the motto for this month lol.   Xia was mated in February and on the 3rd April 2013 she gave birth to 8 gorgeous pups - 6 girls and 2 boys.  Luckily on this occasion she had all the pups herself in 7 hours and she has turned out to be a great mum, although she is reluctant to feed them now as the teeth are out !!!  They are all putting on weight very quickly and now the eyes and ears are open, they are getting more and more lively and inquisitive with their surroundings.  This is the part of whelping a litter that I really begin to enjoy, they are so much more fun to watch, although you do take a risk in  the pen now of being eaten alice by razor sharp teeth lol.   they have started going outside more and more each day, and I hope that the weather stays fine for the next few weeks so they can be outside.  All the pus are sold and I have first class homes for them all, and I can watch them grow when they go off to their forever homes.


Howi continues to grow, and I am not quite sure when he will stop lol.  He is a real character and every day he amuses me with his naughty antics, but I find it hard to tell him off when he gives me those big brown eyes lol.  His Cruciate Operation went well and he is slowly getting stronger on his back leg now, and hopefully in time he will be fine on that leg, luckily it was not a complete rupture.  At last count he was 80cms tall, and god knows what he weighs !!!!!


Eysha was back at the vets AGAIN, she has had further X-Rays done and it now transpires that she has Arthritis in her vertebrae and her back legs starting to appear.  This last week she has not been too good on one o her back legs, and I am hoping that it is the joints gving her pain and nothing more sinister.  She is on pain medication but it is hard to find a strong one that suits her as she has IBD and some meds can make this flare up.


Well that is all for now I am off out into the garden with the pups for some fun.  Take care of yourselves xxxx

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