3rd October 2012

Well another few weeks have gone by, all pups are now well and truly settled in their homes and it is great to hear all the news from the owners as to how they are getting on with plenty of pictures.  These puppies are all very heavy for their age, some at 21 weeks are weighing in at 34+ kgs !!!!!  I think I may have bred monsters this time lol.  Their temperaments are all rally good and I even got the chance the other week to catch up with Jacqui and Richard who have Obi and spend an hour two at Astbury Mere near Congleton with Howi, and they had a great time.  Evie dropped all her coat soon after pups leaving and now resembles a greyhound and has a whip for a tail and by god it hurts when it catches your leg lol !!!  Her coat is just starting to come back in now thank god !!!

Sad news also last week from Alan and Di Page, they lost their boy Ozzie (Vectiseleon Ozziekizzy), on the 19th September.  He had a great life with them and was so loved, he was their second leo from me and he was very much Alan's boy and he picked him out of the litter from about 2 weeks old and always stayed with his decision to have him.  I know that they will miss him dreadfully, and I hope that eventually all the sadness will be replaced with the happy memories they will have of him. RIP Ozzy xx

16th September was a great day for both Xia and me.  We went to Darlington Champ Show with judge Mrs J. King.  Xia is now up into the Limit Class as she has won out of PGB, so I was not sure how she would get on in this class.  I did not need to worry, as usual once she gets in the ring she shows herself off to perfection and I never have to ask anything of her.  I was so pleased that she got 2nd place in her class as there were some lovely bitches in the class.  She was called back in for the RB Challenge and I was absolutely gobsmacked that she  got pulled out for Reserve Bitch CC, her first RCC.  I have to admit that I think I floated all the way home afterwards.

I have been searching for many months for a suitable male for Xia for end of February next year (2013) and I have now decided on a stunning male in Northern Germany called Lennox Zolo vom Lowengarten.  I am so pleased that Jutta is letting me use him, and I am very excited about this combination.  He really does compliment Xia and he has good substance, bone and conformation and he moves well, free movement and covers the ground really well.  I am now counting the months until Xia comes in season and then we make the long journey to see Jutta and Lennox.

So until next time - give your dog a hug every day and enjoy them xxxxx

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