3rd April 2019

Well a good few months have gone by again, and so much has a happened but I have just not had time to get online and update my website as usual.  Kendra has now well and truly settled in here and haas had a fabulous show career in th last 8 months and I am so so proud of her and what she has achieved (See Kendra Show Results Page).  Jayda came in season in December 2018 and we had two good matings with the gorgeous Kushtea owned by Fiona Parry. the mating worked and on the 5th February Jayda started whelping her litter. Two pups came out within an hour of each other but unfortunately she needed a Caesarian and was spayed at the same time producing a further two pups so she ended up with 2 of each, unfortunately the last boy only survived 30 minutes and gave up.  So she had three lovely very large pups to look after, all over 700gms when born.  All three pups at 8 weeks old are huge lol and I kept a girl called Hallie who is hopefully the next generation for the future.  The other two Ernie and Tahylia have settled in well with their new family’s providing them with a lot of amusement and hard work lol. Having had health issues during this litter I am now considering whether this could be my last litter now, but never say never as I have both Kendra and Hallie growing up and I will reassess my options in the future.

Further sad news for me as if losing two of my babies back in July last year I lost Tegan suddenly 4 days before the pups arrived due to a mass in her abdomen that had perforated so I had to make the hard decision yet again to let her go and stop her suffering.  It is never easy to say goodbye and even harder ass my house does feel empty especially as there was a time when I had 7 Leos living here with me, and I am now down to just the three girls now, but they keep me busy and keep my smiling although there are times when I quietly have a cry to myself away from them.  But with having Hallu here now her and Kendra keep me amused hourly with their comical antics lol.

before you go to bed tonight give your precious Leos a hug goodnight and tell them you love them as no one know hat is around the corner xxx

God Bless



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