2nd Feb 2016

Good god where has the time gone lol !!!!! I really must get updating more often bug time alludes me much too often nowadays.  Well July 2015 saw me mating Jayda with Icon but unfortunately on scanning her 28 days later she was empty, I was gutted and hated having to let my puppy owners down.  I continue my work as Treasurer for the LCGB and enjoy this role despite being the target of some peoples vitriolic words and I still continue to do LCGB Welfare and will continue this for as long as the club members wish me to do so, a role I am honoured to be involved with.  

Towads the end of the year I had many sad times with several dogs I bred passing over Rainbow Bridge. Although I did not own them they were still part of my extended family and still hurts when I hear from owners that they have gone.

Smokey -  V. Van Hella - just over 11 years old
Simba -  V. Van Norstrom - litter brother to Smokey
Lexi - V. Electra at just over 8.5 years old
Beau - V. Rian Tarvos at 6.5 suddenly
Elsa - V. Mandisa at 9.5 years old

And after a few years of struggling with arthritis and chest problems my heart was completely ripped apart when my Eysha gave up her fight on Sunday 22nd November 2015, at my vets whilst I cuddled her and held her in my arms and she went to sleep peacefully knowing I was there and loved her to the end. When I am able to do it I will set a memorial page for her xx. My heart goes out to all the owners that have also suffered their loss and thank you for giving my babies such fantastic homes xxx

Jayda is due in season any day now and I am hoping that this litter will go ahead as planned. I have a lot of puppy's reserved and so I am only taking names and numbers now as I cannot guarantee anyone else a pup.  Watch this space or the Future Plans page for updates on Jayda/Icon mating.  I am looking forward to this year immensely with plenty of plans afoot and I will update if these plans happen.  

Thanks for for reading and I promise to update more often from now on lol !!!!

I will add updated photos in the next week on Gallery also. 

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