27th March 2012 - Putting the record straight once and for all - WITHOUT PREJUDICE !!!!!!

I am sorry to be doing this but I feel due to the serious nature of the accusations being made I have no option but to put the record straight once and for all so here goes, if you dont want to read this then dont - During last weekend I was at the centre of a tirade of vile abuse and slander on a public forum due to a Leonberger breeder being up in court for Benefit Fraud. On the website article there have been some vile comments made about both me and my kennels from both the mother and the daughter with the daughter even threatening me to WATCH MY BACK !!! There has also been some comments made on their own website that it was "Other Breeders" that set them up as they are jealous !!! I would like to publicly state that I have no wish to be associated with them in anyway and I have nothing to hide both with my dogs, or my kennels.  I have kept quiet and ignored alot of things over the last two years as it really has not bothered me one bit. But I now feel compelled to have to come on here to make a very public statement as the breeder thinks for some reason it was me that reported them. I would just like to say this once for all to see - I dont give a damn about this breeder one little bit and I DID NOT report them to the Fraud Agency, I have better things to be doing in my life than worrying about them, I have a happy and fulfilled life in every way and I am not that petty to do something so low either. Due to the threats I have now been to the Police and they have a record of everything now as does my Solicitor. I hope this will now put a stop to all this pettiness once and for all. I am going to continue enjoying my life and all my good true friends that have been here for me always Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx

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