25th July 2016

AS I have not updated for a while I have 100s of photos to now sift through and sort out.  I am hoping to get this done in the next few days work permitting lol.

I was yet again dumb founded and laughed at the bare cheek regarding the ongoing saga with a bitch I bred.  People seem to be under the impression that by putting on their advert that they are going to donate money of £100 per puppy sold to a rescue, well if that is not calling kettle black I don't know what is.  A bit late to try and make everything look cute for them by doing such a kind act !!!  the point is and still remains that the bitch is NOT EVEN 2 years old yet, and this is unforgiveable and nothing or no one can make that acceptable in any decent breeders eyes.  Mind you it could well be that these offspring may well go and be bred from too and some end up in rescue themselves so I suppose they are paying their dues in advance !!!!  I have never in nearly 20 years being in the breed met such people that could do this to a young bitch, ok so she has had health tests SO WHAT she is TOO YOUNG end of.  I will never ever forgive the owners for doing this or anyone that supports or condones this and I will within the confines of the Law make this known to everyone.  All I will say is that some people have very short memories about certain things and breeders but I don't and I have many a conversation recorded of past chats and documents sent to me !!!!  But I am not that petty to disclose them but I could if I chose to do so lol !!!  I can only hope that this poor bitch is safe in delivering her pups and that they all end up safe and good homes, and the cycle does not continue with them being bred off down the line as well ???  I am disgusted that my gut instinct and intuition did not flag this up when I sold the puppy but then people will tell you what you want to hear at the time, and I was well and truly suckered in !!! Well never again, I will make sure of that.  These people can say what they want about me and send silly childish messages I am not going away and will continue with the love I have for this wonderful breed and support all my lovely puppy owners.


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