Well another few months have gone by and after a very sad few weeks after losing Xia then Howi 6 days later I have pulled myself up by the scruff of my neck to get on with things. I miss them both dreadfully but life has to go on and there is not a day that goes by when I dont think of them. Tegan has needed me quite a bit of late as she is now suffering with her LP and breathing and severe arthritis in her back legs and also has Lumbar Sacral disease as well poor girl but have now got her Meds at the right levels that she is comfortable and happy.

Kendra continues to settle in well with Tegan and Jayda, and has attended a couple of shows and done well and made me very proud of her with her gaining 2nd in MPB at Midland Counties Champ Show and then 1st PB and RBOB in AVNSC Working at Sedgley and Gornal Open Show as well. Her next show will be at Manchester Champ Show in January but not worrying too much as she has already qualified for Crufts 2019.

A couple of weeks ago Jayda came into season and was mated on the 6th and 7th December to Fiona Parry’s boy Kushtea, details on Future Plans page,  so I now await until 30 days until I scan her to see if she is pregnant. I so hope she is and I will finally get my baby girl from her to keep for the future. This is Jaydas last litter now and if she hasn’t got pregnant then I will not try again. So there will be no litters here at Vectiseleon until 2 years time if this is the case.

I am still amazed after so many years that there is still a load of drivel and mis-truths being written about me on certain peoples websites, I do not choose to contact them or respond as I am so weary of these constant allegations and fabricated stories and I just wish that they would just realise that I have no desire to know what they are doing or their plans are as I have a full and happy life and wish people would stop spreading lies and rumours about what I have supposedly said as I do not gossip with anyone unless it is to do with my dogs and breeding but obviously others seek to stir up issues and trouble. All I will say is crack on in your meaningless existences but be assured that Karma is a bitch and things do have a habit of turning around on people when least expected !!!!! Rest assured I will one day find out who is trying to cause issues and trouble for me and they will then fell the full force of the law I can assure you.   I do not live my life by what others think of me or what others say as I am the only one that knows the truth on some issues and my conscience is completely clear, so ENOUGH IS ENOUGH now.

Any way let me get down off my podium now as I have three gorgeous girls to go and give fuss and hugs to before I retire for the night lol that is all that matters to me lol not others petty issues lol. 

I will sign off by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I hope that 2019 will bring you everything you wish for and more xxxxx. Penny, Tegan, Jayda and Kendra xxxx

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