20th August 2012

Well, it has been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened here.  All the pups have now gone off to their new homes and it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the quiet again, mind you Howi is making sure that I am also kept busy lol.  He is growing fast now and the socialising and training has begun with ernest.  He goes to Ringcraft on Tuesday nights, which he has taken to really well and he goes to Obedience training on a Wednesday night.  He is a very quick learner and as long as he knows he is getting a treat he will do anything for me lol.  I am so pleased with his character, he is very laid back and calm (for now) and he is also a real character, always making me laugh.  I have heard from all the other puppy owners and they are really pleased with their new additions, and I am getting plenty of pictures and updates from them.  I have added plenty of new pictures in the Gallery - Evie Litter 1.  Howi also now has his own page, with pictures and news.  I am hoping that maybe in the future if all his tests are ok that I can put him to one of my girls and keep a pup too, but that is a long way off yet. 

Xia has been back out in the ring on Saturday 18th August at Welsh KC at Builth Wells and gained another 1st place in PGB under David Niall. She is also going to City of Birmingham, Darlington and all being well I am taking her to Cluny this year to show her as well.  I am now seriously looking for a nice male to compliment her, and hopefully puppys will be planned in Spring 2013.  I am already getting enquiries about puppys from her, so I am sure exciting times are ahead. 

Julie Jones (Bavaruki) and I have a girl in partnership - Bavaruki Fortune Kookie, and her tests have all come back:- Hips 6:4, Elbows TBA, Eyes: Current Clear certificate for Cataract and Genioscopy Tested Normal, LPN1 Tested N/N.  Thanks to Julies tireless efforts a handsome male has been found in Europe for her and all details can be found on Future Plans.  We are both very excited about this potential mating, and are now awaiting further test results from Kwantum's owner and then for Kookie to come into season.

It is late now so I will close here for now, but watch this space for further news and updates xxxxx

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