1st February 2018

Well nearly a whole year has gone by, and I am not sure  where the time has gone but I am back lol I have not been showing for quite a while now due to one reason or another, but hopeful that may change in the near future.  

Xia is getting older by the day now and recently came down with Vestibular disease and a nasty ear infection with Psedomonas and had to have an operation to burst her ear drum and drawing the puss out so she is now deaf in one ear and her sight on that side is also gone and she still has a head tilt and has bouts of dizziness and gets very wobbly on her legs poor girl bit she is happy and still eat well and sleeps most of the day.  How I has for the last few months been having a course of Lazer therapy and water treadmill to  help with his weak back legs that are now riddled with arthritis but he is still my big goon and is full of fun !!!!  He has agai lost a vast amount of weight and it looks like next week he will be referred to have scans to see why this is happening again poor boy.

Jayda had a litter in April 2017 and I was hoping to keep a female from her but as usual my unlucky streak continues lol. She had three large boys born and I decided to keep a boy as at least I still had my bloodline for the future but this is now looking in doubt as he does have a questionable hip problem on one side after being xrayed.  He is having treatment at Physio Vets at Crewe with lazer therpay and treadmill to help him and we are waiting until he reaches 13 or 14 months of age to see and reassess him then as to course of action, whether he will need a Hip operation or if he will be able to live with the problem !!!

After much deliberation I have decided to mate Jayda again this year with a very nice male from Norway ( see future Litters for details) and I trust this will go well and I am very excited about this combination and will hopefully get to keep a female pup from t his for the future of my lines.  I also have a bitch that lives in Caernarfon that is in my name and we have had her all health tested and I am just awaiting the heath results for a stunning male now so hopefully she will be mated in April and the litter wil be born at my friends in Caernarfon.

I now hopefully will be updating my website more often from now on PROMISE lol 


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