19th January 2017

Well we enter into yet another year and I am a year old and certainly a year wiser, after events in 2016. Due to this  situation last year I have now made the decision that all my puppies will only be sold to pet and family homes, and a very strict contract will be in place and the Endorsements placed on them .  As most people know as a breeder my puppies go as family pets first and foremost and I don't like to sell to buyers who want to breed and I do my best to make sure all the pups have first class homes. Sometimes this can go dreadfully wrong and almost put me off having any more litters but then I thought I love this breed so why should one puppy owner ruin it for me. After all it is not me that was in the wrong and my conscience still remains clear but I wonder if theirs are ??  And it is also worrying to hear that very sadly they lost the puppy they kept at 8 weeks old !!!!  So does this then mean they are going to breed off the girl again I wonder ???  I also keep wondering to where and which charity benefitted from this pocketing £100 for each puppy sold ??  whoever it was if they accepted the money then they are profiting off an under age bitch that was mated deliberately before she was even two and to this day I cannot get my head around how anyone could do this !!!!  DISGUSTING in my eyes.  I am lucky in that I can see some of these pups on owners pages on Facebook so can keep any eye on how they are doing.  I just hope history does not repeat itself down the line !!!

I am sorry to rant on and on about this but I am still 5 months later very angry and upset about the situation that was calculated and cruel !!

Anyway, the Kiaja litter have just turned 9 months old and are all developing into very nice puppies and I could sit and cry that I never kept a puppy from this combination. they all have great temperaments, good bone, confirmation, dark masks and the gorgeous dark eyes like their mum.  I will watch them to see how they grow.  I am that pleased with this litter and the combination that I have asked Joan Rushby if I could use Icon again in the Spring on Jayda and hopefully all being well I will keep a girl this time round. So if anyone is interested in a pup please contact me for a Puppy Owners Form.

I have put quite a few pictures on of the Jayda Litter 1, and will add more as they grow.

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