16th March 2013

Well what a busy few weeks I have had.  First the good news that Kookie (Bavaruki Fortune Kookie) who I am in partnership with Julie Jones and lives with her was mated to a lovely male in Germany called Taifun-Suski Leo vom Jerichower Land - "Seppel" and she is expecting puppies around the 30th March.  My gorgeous girl Xia was also mated to "Bronek" - The Voice of Poland Zeilona Cieszynianka for Jocolda and was scanned and confirmed in pup.  Puppies will be due around the 7th April and I am very excited about this combination and what the pups may turn out like.  Xia is 6 weeks in and is already getting large in her belly area, and does nothing but lie around and sleep all day now.  She was entered for Crufts this year but as she was only 5 weeks since mating I did not take her as it is a stressful day as it is and would not put her in this situation.  So only a few weeks to go and hopefully pups will arrive safely and healthy.  This is the part that I hate the most but once they are on the ground I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I cant wait till they get older and are running about and causing havoc lol !!!!   Howi is now nearly six weeks since his cruciate operation and all is going well, had a slight set back with a fluid swelling and a reaction to the internal sutures but after two weeks of antibiotics all the swelling has now gone down and he is running about on the leg given half a chance lol I still have to careful that he does not over do it just yet so still have to confine him when he wants a mad five minutes.  Eysha is still fairly comfortable at the moment, but she is only on Metacalm right now, due to her arthritis in her spine and she cant tolerate Tramadol as it bought all her groin area out in a nasty rash reaction, so looking into other forms of pain relief for her now as and when she needs it.  All in all life still goes on, watch this space for any more news. Bye for now xxx

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