13th November 2011

Well the last couple of months have been really busy for me with work and the dogs.  Eysha has had a few issues recently, with the cyst on her toe that kept appearing, and she was off her food and kept itching.  She was sent to see a specialist in skin problems and it was agreed that she had some kind of skin allergy, and as it always flared up between end February and stopped in October time, we are pretty sure that it is a pollen allergy.  I have now placed her on a different food to see if that helps and we will probably not know until Feb 2012 if this has worked or not.  She is on an Organic food called Lily's Kitchen and she has the Duck/Goose and the Venison and absolutely loves it.  See my Links page for their website.

Xia has been out to a few shows this year (in between seasons) and has done well at the shows, with 3 x 1st in PGB classes and she is only 2.5 years old, she continues to develop well and is a lovely bitch, very harmonious and a movement second to none.  I am hoping to be out at the shows a great deal more next year with her.  Her sister Tegan is also growing into a very nice bitch, although she does tend to have more "Bum high" episodes than her sister. But she also has a lovely head, and a very good long coat, different texture to Xia, and a lovely golden red colouring.  She has been entered for a couple of shows but did not make it to them, one because she was lame and the other because she is having her first season. But I am hoping that she will make it to LKA along with Xia too.  I cant wait for LKA as my good friend Julie is coming over from France for this also, so I am sure a good laugh will be had that day.

Roxy has had a few ups and downs recently, and I am sure they are all connected to her AF, but she keeps plodding along and has the most fantastic gentle nature and is very calm and easy going.  She is a joy to live with.  I understand from various sources that her Brother is not doing to well now, unfortunately I am unable to speak to the owners about him, but this is in no way a sign that I dont care what happens to my pups that I have bred, but sometimes situations develop and you loose all ties with the owners, which is always very sad when it happens.  I will be interested to see what the diagnosis is with him in the future, but I doubt if I will ever be told.

There was an interesing piece in the Minutes of the International Leonberger Union meeting posted on the UK Leo's site today regarding LPN and it states:  A dog in England showed clinical signs of LPN1, but was tested N/N. It turned out that the dog had a disease that occurs only in rabbits which causes the same clinical signs as LPN1
.  For a read of the complete minutes please click on this link http://www.leonbergerunion.com/ilu_minutes%202011.htm
It does make me wonder how many Leo's also shows clinical signs of LPN1 and as owners conclude this is the case, they are not getting tested for any other condition ???

We all strive to breed for health and temperaments in our Leo's, there are now tests that need to be done before considering to breed -  Eye scores, Hip scores, Eye Tests and LPN1 blood test, all my girls have been tested now.  No one can be held accountable for what has happened in the past with breeding lines, due to a small gene pool, many dogs have been used, and breeders did all they could with the lines, and nobody in this day and age should be made responsible for the past.  Everyone needs to now look to the future for the breed and make sure all the relevant tests are done before even considering breeding, and look at the lines in great depth and make an informative decision.  Breeders need to be more open and honest about any health issues in their lines, without the fear of being hounded and made the source of a witch hunt.  We should all be in this breed for the betterment of the breed and not to score points off one another.  We should all be working together to safeguard the future of our wonderful Leo's.  Right thats me off my soapbox lol !!!!

I have recently been looking at Complete Dog foods and my girls are now on Nutrix food, which is cereal and grain free and some are also free of poultry fat also.  I must say I am very impressed that they like the kibble very much, and the bowls are always left licked completely clean.  I will keep them on this food for at least 6 months to see the effects of it, watch this space for further updates in the coming months.  Link to website added on Links page.

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