13th August 2018

A few months have gone by since my last blog and boy what a few months they have been.  There were a few months of happiness and waiting and then 6 days of absolute hell here at Holly Grove.  Early January I put my name down for a pup from Julie Moore Schaffert in Canada to bring into the UK for my future lines.  She is out of my Boo, Jayda sister that went to live with Julie a few years back so I could not wait.  To say it was difficult to get her into the UK was an understatement lol. But thanks to Julie and her time and effort we finally got her booked on a flight to the UK from Vancouver.  I sat and waited for updates from 26th June when she left to the 27th June waiting for her flight to land and her release to her coming up to me here from Heathrow !!!!  She arrived here at 8.45pm on Wednesday 27th June and witching 5 minutes she s running around out the back with Jayda who has taken her under her wing lol and they are now best of friends.  

The heatwave we had here was unbearable to say the least but the 5 dogs enjoyed the dog pool I put up for them all taking turns to paddle and wallow lol.  Xia hardly went out at all during the day as it was just too much for her with her having LP it affected her breathing badly so she stayed in on wet towels I put down, a cool coat on and two fans blasting all day.  I was well awar that at any time she could suddenly suffocate and I was certainly not prepared to let that happen.  On the 4th July this year I took her to the vets as she as getting weaker and was so quit. I was gutted to be told that she had fluid on her lungs, not what I wanted to hear at all.  I decided that at just over 9 years old she had had enough and I made the hardest decision possible to let her go, it broke my heart but I knew it was the right time for her. I have put a tribute on Loving Memory’s page.

Having not go over the loss of Xia, Howi then took a bad turn six days later and was in sever pain with his bad back legs and one leg had ballooned up with no pulse going to it, my vet was pretty sure that he had a tumour cutting off blood supply to that leg. He as in that much pain he was lashing it at me with no warning and it was breaking my heart to see him like that so after a lengthy with my vet I mad anther very hard decision to let him go due to hi having so many issues xx

After such a sad few days I made the decision although Jayda was in season, my heart was broken and I could not go ahead with he planned AI for her so have decided to wait until her next season in 6 months instead.

It is a July that I would truly want to forget and I have cried myself to sleep nearly every night since but having Kendra here has kept me going and making me laugh daily bless her, so I am now down to one three Leos and the house is very quiet !!!!!

I was recently messaged recently also that my Tegan’s sister Elsa - Vectiseleon Miss Teake also had passed away suddenly, my heart and thoughts really do go out to her Owners at this sad time xxx


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