11th May 2015

Well finally winter is on its way out and hopefully better weather will soon be here, owning 7 Leos the dry weather is always a god send especially when trying to keep the house clean lol.  A lot has happened since I last wrote and all is good news.

I am over the moon that after 16 years in the breed I have finally bred my first UK Champion. He is owned by Judith Dawes, he is called Tann (Vectiseleon Breaking news at Kensalroag) and at just over two years old he gained his champion title.  He is out of my Xia - Vectiseleon Rian Daxia and the handsome Bronek -  The Voice of Poland Zielona Cieszynianka for Jocolda JW ShCM.  Not only has Tann been made a UK Champion but his sister Boo (Vectiseleon Bold and Bootiful) who lives with Julie Moore Schaffert in Canada is also an American Champion before she was 2 years old, which is a huge achievement and one I am again so proud of.  Another sister Kuma ( Vectiseleon Paws for Thort) who lives with the Syvret family on the Channel Islands is on her way to being a Jersey Champion. This has been a fantastic litter.  As most people know all my pups are sold as family pets and I am proud of each and ever pup I breed whether shown or not and I enjoy seeing pictures and stories from all my puppy owners as they grow up.

I am now awaiting Jayda to come into season, all her health tests have been done and I am pleased with the results. You can see my plans here


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