3rd April 2019 

Well a good few months have gone by again, and so much has a happened but I have just not had time to get online and update my website as usual.  Kendra has now well and truly settled in here and haas had a fabulous show career in th last 8 months and I am so so proud of her and what she has achieved (See Kendra Show Results Page).  Jayda came in season in December 2018 and we had two good matings with the gorgeous Kushtea owned by Fiona Parry. the mating worked and on the 5th February Jayda started whelping her litter. Two pups came out within an hour of each other but unfortunately she needed a Caesarian and was spayed at the same time producing a further two pups so she ended up with 2 of each, unfortunately the last boy only survived 30 minutes and gave up.  So she had three lovely very large pups to look after, all over 700gms when born.  All three pups at 8 weeks old are huge lol and I kept a girl called Hallie who is hopefully the next generation for the future.  The other two Ernie and Tahylia have settled in well with their new family’s providing them with a lot of amusement and hard work lol. Having had health issues during this litter I am now considering whether this could be my last litter now, but never say never as I have both Kendra and Hallie growing up and I will reassess my options in the future.

Further sad news for me as if losing two of my babies back in July last year I lost Tegan suddenly 4 days before the pups arrived due to a mass in her abdomen that had perforated so I had to make the hard decision yet again to let her go and stop her suffering.  It is never easy to say goodbye and even harder ass my house does feel empty especially as there was a time when I had 7 Leos living here with me, and I am now down to just the three girls now, but they keep me busy and keep my smiling although there are times when I quietly have a cry to myself away from them.  But with having Hallu here now her and Kendra keep me amused hourly with their comical antics lol.

before you go to bed tonight give your precious Leos a hug goodnight and tell them you love them as no one know hat is around the corner xxx

God Bless



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Well another few months have gone by and after a very sad few weeks after losing Xia then Howi 6 days later I have pulled myself up by the scruff of my neck to get on with things. I miss them both dreadfully but life has to go on and there is not a day that goes by when I dont think of them. Tegan has needed me quite a bit of late as she is now suffering with her LP and breathing and severe arthritis in her back legs and also has Lumbar Sacral disease as well poor girl but have now got her Meds at the right levels that she is comfortable and happy.

Kendra continues to settle in well with Tegan and Jayda, and has attended a couple of shows and done well and made me very proud of her with her gaining 2nd in MPB at Midland Counties Champ Show and then 1st PB and RBOB in AVNSC Working at Sedgley and Gornal Open Show as well. Her next show will be at Manchester Champ Show in January but not worrying too much as she has already qualified for Crufts 2019.

A couple of weeks ago Jayda came into season and was mated on the 6th and 7th December to Fiona Parry’s boy Kushtea, details on Future Plans page,  so I now await until 30 days until I scan her to see if she is pregnant. I so hope she is and I will finally get my baby girl from her to keep for the future. This is Jaydas last litter now and if she hasn’t got pregnant then I will not try again. So there will be no litters here at Vectiseleon until 2 years time if this is the case.

I am still amazed after so many years that there is still a load of drivel and mis-truths being written about me on certain peoples websites, I do not choose to contact them or respond as I am so weary of these constant allegations and fabricated stories and I just wish that they would just realise that I have no desire to know what they are doing or their plans are as I have a full and happy life and wish people would stop spreading lies and rumours about what I have supposedly said as I do not gossip with anyone unless it is to do with my dogs and breeding but obviously others seek to stir up issues and trouble. All I will say is crack on in your meaningless existences but be assured that Karma is a bitch and things do have a habit of turning around on people when least expected !!!!! Rest assured I will one day find out who is trying to cause issues and trouble for me and they will then fell the full force of the law I can assure you.   I do not live my life by what others think of me or what others say as I am the only one that knows the truth on some issues and my conscience is completely clear, so ENOUGH IS ENOUGH now.

Any way let me get down off my podium now as I have three gorgeous girls to go and give fuss and hugs to before I retire for the night lol that is all that matters to me lol not others petty issues lol. 

I will sign off by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I hope that 2019 will bring you everything you wish for and more xxxxx. Penny, Tegan, Jayda and Kendra xxxx

13th August 2018 

A few months have gone by since my last blog and boy what a few months they have been.  There were a few months of happiness and waiting and then 6 days of absolute hell here at Holly Grove.  Early January I put my name down for a pup from Julie Moore Schaffert in Canada to bring into the UK for my future lines.  She is out of my Boo, Jayda sister that went to live with Julie a few years back so I could not wait.  To say it was difficult to get her into the UK was an understatement lol. But thanks to Julie and her time and effort we finally got her booked on a flight to the UK from Vancouver.  I sat and waited for updates from 26th June when she left to the 27th June waiting for her flight to land and her release to her coming up to me here from Heathrow !!!!  She arrived here at 8.45pm on Wednesday 27th June and witching 5 minutes she s running around out the back with Jayda who has taken her under her wing lol and they are now best of friends.  

The heatwave we had here was unbearable to say the least but the 5 dogs enjoyed the dog pool I put up for them all taking turns to paddle and wallow lol.  Xia hardly went out at all during the day as it was just too much for her with her having LP it affected her breathing badly so she stayed in on wet towels I put down, a cool coat on and two fans blasting all day.  I was well awar that at any time she could suddenly suffocate and I was certainly not prepared to let that happen.  On the 4th July this year I took her to the vets as she as getting weaker and was so quit. I was gutted to be told that she had fluid on her lungs, not what I wanted to hear at all.  I decided that at just over 9 years old she had had enough and I made the hardest decision possible to let her go, it broke my heart but I knew it was the right time for her. I have put a tribute on Loving Memory’s page.

Having not go over the loss of Xia, Howi then took a bad turn six days later and was in sever pain with his bad back legs and one leg had ballooned up with no pulse going to it, my vet was pretty sure that he had a tumour cutting off blood supply to that leg. He as in that much pain he was lashing it at me with no warning and it was breaking my heart to see him like that so after a lengthy with my vet I mad anther very hard decision to let him go due to hi having so many issues xx

After such a sad few days I made the decision although Jayda was in season, my heart was broken and I could not go ahead with he planned AI for her so have decided to wait until her next season in 6 months instead.

It is a July that I would truly want to forget and I have cried myself to sleep nearly every night since but having Kendra here has kept me going and making me laugh daily bless her, so I am now down to one three Leos and the house is very quiet !!!!!

I was recently messaged recently also that my Tegan’s sister Elsa - Vectiseleon Miss Teake also had passed away suddenly, my heart and thoughts really do go out to her Owners at this sad time xxx


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22nd May 2018 

Well another few months have flown by again and I have been busy as usual with the dogs.  No news with Mizzy for puppies so we will try again next April 2019 so I am on the lookout for a nice Stud Male to compliment her.  After a nail biting few weeks I have finally got in storage Frozen Semen from Magnus ( Kinglords Mr Magnetic Force) ready for when Jayda next comes in season which should be July time, I just hope that all goes well with this as it is a fantastic combination and I desperately want to keep a puppy as well for the future.

I am also counting the days for my new puppy to be imported from Canada, she is out of Vectiseleon Bold N Bootiful who is my Jayda sister and Lowenhohles Mr Winston aka Churchill. She will be flying into the UK on the 29th June and I am so excited to meet her.  nce her paperwork is completed, I cant wait.



1st February 2018 

Well nearly a whole year has gone by, and I am not sure  where the time has gone but I am back lol I have not been showing for quite a while now due to one reason or another, but hopeful that may change in the near future.  

Xia is getting older by the day now and recently came down with Vestibular disease and a nasty ear infection with Psedomonas and had to have an operation to burst her ear drum and drawing the puss out so she is now deaf in one ear and her sight on that side is also gone and she still has a head tilt and has bouts of dizziness and gets very wobbly on her legs poor girl bit she is happy and still eat well and sleeps most of the day.  How I has for the last few months been having a course of Lazer therapy and water treadmill to  help with his weak back legs that are now riddled with arthritis but he is still my big goon and is full of fun !!!!  He has agai lost a vast amount of weight and it looks like next week he will be referred to have scans to see why this is happening again poor boy.

Jayda had a litter in April 2017 and I was hoping to keep a female from her but as usual my unlucky streak continues lol. She had three large boys born and I decided to keep a boy as at least I still had my bloodline for the future but this is now looking in doubt as he does have a questionable hip problem on one side after being xrayed.  He is having treatment at Physio Vets at Crewe with lazer therpay and treadmill to help him and we are waiting until he reaches 13 or 14 months of age to see and reassess him then as to course of action, whether he will need a Hip operation or if he will be able to live with the problem !!!

After much deliberation I have decided to mate Jayda again this year with a very nice male from Norway ( see future Litters for details) and I trust this will go well and I am very excited about this combination and will hopefully get to keep a female pup from t his for the future of my lines.  I also have a bitch that lives in Caernarfon that is in my name and we have had her all health tested and I am just awaiting the heath results for a stunning male now so hopefully she will be mated in April and the litter wil be born at my friends in Caernarfon.

I now hopefully will be updating my website more often from now on PROMISE lol 


Tuesday 23rd May 2017 

Well a further 4 months have gone by and I felt it was time to update on my news.  It has been a fraught couple of months with Howi having further issues with IBD and his bad back leg, but again he has bounced back. Then Tegan was the next one to have a problem as I found a mammary lump which was removed and she was speyed at the same time to be on the safe side. Unfortunately the lump came back as nasty - a Ductural Carcinoma, hopefully it was caught early enough and has not already spread but keeping a close eye on her now for any further lumps or symptoms. Whilst she was in the vets she was checked as her breathing was changing and getting louder, vets checked her Larynx and she has signs of LP on the left hand side, which is sad as she was tested NN for LPN 1 and 2, so looks like she may have a different form of LPN.  Xia has now turned 8 years old and she is doing quite well although she is suffering with Spondylitis in her back in three places but with pain relief she is doing ok, but the last couple of months she has really aged !!!  Thankfully Jayda is fit and healthy and thoroughly enjoying being a mother again to three male pups.  It was not my plan to mate her so early but after Tegan being speyed I had no option but to do so as I could have lost my breeding and bloodlines which took me 20 years to get to where I am now.  I used the same male as last time as the pups they produced last time have grown into cracking puppies with all the traits of a Leo, and I was hoping to keep a female this time. This was not to be as she had 3 boys lol !!!  However I have decided to keep a male from this litter for the future. I am not sure now in which direction I will be going as I have no more girls to breed from and as I live on my own and I am not getting any younger I don't know if I really want to buy in another female and start again. Only time will tell now.  I do however look forward to watching my boy grow and attend shows with him and to do Water Work etc as well with LCGB North West Working Group over the summer.

Jayda" - Vectiseleon Second to None 
Hips 6:4, Elb 0, Eyes Clear Current LPN 1 & 2 NN, LEMP NN
"Icon" - CH Icon of Kinglords Z Leonkovho Raja for Jocolda JW ShCM 
Hips 5:5, Elb 0, Eyes clear Current LPN 1 & 2 NN, LEMP NN

DOB:-  27th April 2017

3 Males all over 1.5lbs when born, by emergency caesarean

All pups are sold

A new blood test has now been made available for an awful condition called Leukoencephalomyelopathy and breeding guidelines are as follows:-

Katie Minor from the University of Minnesota states:

These are our LEMP breeding recommendations sent with every report: 

In general, LEMP-D/D dogs should not be used for breeding. We do not recommend automatic exclusion of LEMP carrier (D/N) dogs from the breeding pool. We do recommend avoiding matings that have the potential to produce affected (D/D) offspring. As long as one of the two parents is LEMP clear (N/N), affected offspring will not be produced. In a global group of more than 5,000 Leonbergers which have been submitt...ed to our laboratories, about 14% were D/N carrier dogs. (This corresponds to an affected rate of ~0.5%) 

Immediately eliminating all D/N dogs from breeding may have negative consequences for the genetic diversity of the breed. We recommend testing litters of D/N x N/N matings, and if all other considerations are equal, preferentially the N/N pups (50%) should be kept for future breeding. 

Katie comment: But, if in a litter you prefer a puppy who is LEMP DN, keep that one by all means. They can be safely bred to a clear mate. The point of genetic testing should be to keep as many dogs as possible in the breeding population without producing disease.

The condition is described as follows:-

A neurological disorder, termed leukoencephalomyelopathy (LEMP) has described in Leonberger dogs. LEMP is a recessively inherited neurodegenerative disorder that affects the white matter of the central nervous system (CNS).  Canine LEMP is characterized by slowly worsening gait abnormalities, especially spontaneous knuckling, dragging of the paws and hypermetria of the thoracic limbs, and a characteristic pattern on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Affected dogs show corresponding gross lesions in the cervical spinal cord white matter that may extend to the thoracic spinal cord, as well as to the brain; peripheral nerve and muscle biopsies are unremarkable.  Canine  LEMP often shows  a  juvenile  onset  and is characterized  by  a  generalized  progressive ataxia. Spinal reflexes of affected dogs are mostly normal.  In  the  progressive  clinical  course  of  the  disease,  affected  dogs may become  increasingly  immobile  within  a  few  months.  Like many diseases of the CNS, there is no effective treatment for LEMP. Since in most cases  the  dog  is  not  in  pain, but  is  strongly  restricted  in  its  quality  of  life,  owners  are  encouraged  to  ask a veterinarian for advice.


Results for my gang are as follows:- 

Estelle V.Lowenkraft mit Vectiseleon - NN

Vectiseleon Rian Daxia - NN

Vectiseleon Miss Behavin - NN

Vectiseleon Second to None - NN

Vectiseleon Shalaye - DN

Many more photos added to Gallerys - Xias Pics, Jayda Litter 1, Flair Litter 1, Tegan Litter 1, Xia Litter 1

New Gallery Page added - Jayda Litter 2

More news to follow soon xxx

19th January 2017 

Well we enter into yet another year and I am a year old and certainly a year wiser, after events in 2016. Due to this  situation last year I have now made the decision that all my puppies will only be sold to pet and family homes, and a very strict contract will be in place and the Endorsements placed on them .  As most people know as a breeder my puppies go as family pets first and foremost and I don't like to sell to buyers who want to breed and I do my best to make sure all the pups have first class homes. Sometimes this can go dreadfully wrong and almost put me off having any more litters but then I thought I love this breed so why should one puppy owner ruin it for me. After all it is not me that was in the wrong and my conscience still remains clear but I wonder if theirs are ??  And it is also worrying to hear that very sadly they lost the puppy they kept at 8 weeks old !!!!  So does this then mean they are going to breed off the girl again I wonder ???  I also keep wondering to where and which charity benefitted from this pocketing £100 for each puppy sold ??  whoever it was if they accepted the money then they are profiting off an under age bitch that was mated deliberately before she was even two and to this day I cannot get my head around how anyone could do this !!!!  DISGUSTING in my eyes.  I am lucky in that I can see some of these pups on owners pages on Facebook so can keep any eye on how they are doing.  I just hope history does not repeat itself down the line !!!

I am sorry to rant on and on about this but I am still 5 months later very angry and upset about the situation that was calculated and cruel !!

Anyway, the Kiaja litter have just turned 9 months old and are all developing into very nice puppies and I could sit and cry that I never kept a puppy from this combination. they all have great temperaments, good bone, confirmation, dark masks and the gorgeous dark eyes like their mum.  I will watch them to see how they grow.  I am that pleased with this litter and the combination that I have asked Joan Rushby if I could use Icon again in the Spring on Jayda and hopefully all being well I will keep a girl this time round. So if anyone is interested in a pup please contact me for a Puppy Owners Form.

I have put quite a few pictures on of the Jayda Litter 1, and will add more as they grow.

25th July 2016 

AS I have not updated for a while I have 100s of photos to now sift through and sort out.  I am hoping to get this done in the next few days work permitting lol.

I was yet again dumb founded and laughed at the bare cheek regarding the ongoing saga with a bitch I bred.  People seem to be under the impression that by putting on their advert that they are going to donate money of £100 per puppy sold to a rescue, well if that is not calling kettle black I don't know what is.  A bit late to try and make everything look cute for them by doing such a kind act !!!  the point is and still remains that the bitch is NOT EVEN 2 years old yet, and this is unforgiveable and nothing or no one can make that acceptable in any decent breeders eyes.  Mind you it could well be that these offspring may well go and be bred from too and some end up in rescue themselves so I suppose they are paying their dues in advance !!!!  I have never in nearly 20 years being in the breed met such people that could do this to a young bitch, ok so she has had health tests SO WHAT she is TOO YOUNG end of.  I will never ever forgive the owners for doing this or anyone that supports or condones this and I will within the confines of the Law make this known to everyone.  All I will say is that some people have very short memories about certain things and breeders but I don't and I have many a conversation recorded of past chats and documents sent to me !!!!  But I am not that petty to disclose them but I could if I chose to do so lol !!!  I can only hope that this poor bitch is safe in delivering her pups and that they all end up safe and good homes, and the cycle does not continue with them being bred off down the line as well ???  I am disgusted that my gut instinct and intuition did not flag this up when I sold the puppy but then people will tell you what you want to hear at the time, and I was well and truly suckered in !!! Well never again, I will make sure of that.  These people can say what they want about me and send silly childish messages I am not going away and will continue with the love I have for this wonderful breed and support all my lovely puppy owners.


23rd July 2016 

Well it has been forever since I last posted on my website,  so have quite a bit to write about this time.  After waiting what seemed a lifetime Jayda came in season and was mated with Icon, and she had her puppies on the 16th April 2016, all born naturally, 6 boys and 2 girls.  All have now flown the nest to their new homes and have settled in really well, and I can honestly say another litter that I am very proud of.  They all have the beautiful dark mask and dark eyes which this breed is lacking quite a bit now.  The pups are all very confident and have fantastic bone and conformation too and have first class homes.  I look forward to watching them all grow up now. It is nice to have family's that keep in touch on a regular basis about how they are doing.

There are further puppy plans ahead please watch Future Litters page for updates.

Hopefully in the next week I will get a Gallery set up for Jayda/Icon pups, but with the Grooming business getting busier I seem to get less time to myself !!!  But cant complain as it is a new venture and has taken off quicker than I thought lol !!!

Yet again another piece of my heart has been broken and will never be replaced, I am heart broken :-( RIP Roxy - Vectiseleon Shalaye - 31/07/2007 - 07/06/16. A girl with a stead fast character, so comical and easy to live with, you will be missed dreadfully baby girl. Run free over Rainbow Bridge with Eysha now your best friend who you missed so much, no more pain. As I sit here writing this I can feel your face licking away my tears as you always did. RIP Foxy Roxy gone but never forgotten xxxxx

The Truth about Vectiseleon Birlan Zainabu - Narla 

It has been brought to my attention that an advert has been placed on Pets4homes for a litter of Leonberger puppies due in August and they have named the bitch – one that I bred and that they were going to be sold at £950 a pup without the KC papers as the Breeder – ME – would not lift the restrictions on her to breed from.  This bitch was one I bred and they were born on 31st October 2014.  She was sold to a couple and after 4 weeks came back to me through no fault of her own and a full refund was given.  After a week she was found a new home with a family who owned a male Leo already and not at any time was breeding her brought up in the conversation otherwise I would have questioned the reason for them having her, but as such I trusted them and was happy for her to go to them.  After several conversations (of which I have all the copies) they asked me if she was badly treated with previous owners as she was wary of men??  I answered to my knowledge that I was not aware of anything and that she had been fine here with me and as such would not have expected to be asked about letting her have pups if she had issues !!!.  A few months later I was approached about the possibility that if they paid all the expenses of having all the health tests done would I lift the restrictions on her to which I stated I would not as she was not sold for breeding and they said they understood this and said she would be spayed when old enough and I also commented that I would not be happy if there was an "accidental mating" with the male that lived with them also.   Nothing further was said but I was taken off and blocked from their FB page.  Then I was made aware that the owners were bad mouthing me to another of my puppy owners (copies of which I have) bragging how they tried to get me in trouble with the committee to no avail !!!.  I heard nothing further until I received a letter at the beginning of June this year asking me to reconsider my decisions and copies of all the health results as well.  I replied back to them in a letter on the 13th June that my decision was not changing and after seeing the Gonioscopy results and a subsequent chat with my eye specialist I had more reasons not to (copy I have).  At no time did they even attempt to call me for a chat about all of this which I would have appreciated more than a Recorder Letter !!!   So if the puppies are due 18th August then mating would have taken place within a day or two of receiving my reply – BUT they went ahead and mated her anyway.  Now bearing in mind she was born 31st October 2014 and pups due 18th August this girl is not even 2 years old yet and is still not fully mature but still a puppy !!!!!  To say I am angry is an understatement what is the point in having Restrictions on your pups and people go ahead anyways and have a litter ??  there is only one reason for this and that is monetary reasons !!!  And what was going through the breeders head of the male to allow this to go ahead on an underage bitch, and they are an Assured Breeder with the KC ???  So all you Leonberger breeders beware who you sell your puppies too !!!  I am now aware of this but unfortunately it is out of my hands and nothing I can do but they are trying to discredit me for not being bullied into lifting the restrictions on this bitch that I bred !!!  Having received nasty messages from family members which are complete lies and the fact she was mated before two has made my decision even clearer now and I am glad I did not change my mind.  I have lifted endorsements before if I feel that they are breeding for the right reasons and that the bitch has something to offer the bloodlines.  I do not spend nearly 20 years of careful breeding, and health testing to have my bloodlines put at risk by irresponsible people !!!  This is a hard lesson to learn now and I can only hope that the poor bitch is not overly bred and that the puppies all find good homes and are not just sold to anyone and get sold from person to person !!! 

As a result of this episode I have been seeking legal advice, and I know what my situation is and I will also be updating my Puppy Owners Contract for the future, details of which will be discussed on a blog at a later date.

If anyone wants to discuss this with me please feel free to do so anytime I have absolutely nothing to hide :-)

2nd Feb 2016 

Good god where has the time gone lol !!!!! I really must get updating more often bug time alludes me much too often nowadays.  Well July 2015 saw me mating Jayda with Icon but unfortunately on scanning her 28 days later she was empty, I was gutted and hated having to let my puppy owners down.  I continue my work as Treasurer for the LCGB and enjoy this role despite being the target of some peoples vitriolic words and I still continue to do LCGB Welfare and will continue this for as long as the club members wish me to do so, a role I am honoured to be involved with.  

Towads the end of the year I had many sad times with several dogs I bred passing over Rainbow Bridge. Although I did not own them they were still part of my extended family and still hurts when I hear from owners that they have gone.

Smokey -  V. Van Hella - just over 11 years old
Simba -  V. Van Norstrom - litter brother to Smokey
Lexi - V. Electra at just over 8.5 years old
Beau - V. Rian Tarvos at 6.5 suddenly
Elsa - V. Mandisa at 9.5 years old

And after a few years of struggling with arthritis and chest problems my heart was completely ripped apart when my Eysha gave up her fight on Sunday 22nd November 2015, at my vets whilst I cuddled her and held her in my arms and she went to sleep peacefully knowing I was there and loved her to the end. When I am able to do it I will set a memorial page for her xx. My heart goes out to all the owners that have also suffered their loss and thank you for giving my babies such fantastic homes xxx

Jayda is due in season any day now and I am hoping that this litter will go ahead as planned. I have a lot of puppy's reserved and so I am only taking names and numbers now as I cannot guarantee anyone else a pup.  Watch this space or the Future Plans page for updates on Jayda/Icon mating.  I am looking forward to this year immensely with plenty of plans afoot and I will update if these plans happen.  

Thanks for for reading and I promise to update more often from now on lol !!!!

I will add updated photos in the next week on Gallery also.