About Me

Hi my name is Penny, I first saw the Leonberger at a show I was attending with a friend of mine, and I always vowed that I would own one of these beautiful dogs one day.  A couple of years later I was the proud owner of my first leo Lola from a local breeder Chris Stokes, that was over 11 years ago now.  I am now owned by 6 beautiful girls of different ages, and no two days are ever the same with them and they cause me constant amusement, and love.

I live in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands in a 200 year old farmhouse with 8 acres of land, ideal for bringing up my girls.  I used to run my own Boarding Kennel business which I started up 12 years ago but decided to close this down and run my Grooming business Clip N Tailz instead which means I am at home all day and my girls and boys can run around to their hearts content or just lay in the shade.  I started showing Lola and she always did well in the show ring and I also show a couple of my girls now, although I dont get to attend as many shows as I would like at the moment. You will see my girls details on their own pages.

I have been lucky to of had a few litters over the years, of which I kept a pup each time, and all my pups have gone to great homes over time and I still hear from nearly all the owners now after 12 years onwards as to how they are growing and how they have made wonderful family pets.  I always strive to breed healthy and good temperaments in my pups and they are always placed in family homes as family pets and I am very strict with my vetting process to ensure this.

I am a member of the LCGB and I am also the Northern Co-ordinator for Welfare also.  I am very pleased that 3 of my girls are now registered PAT Dogs and they go visitng on a regular basis to both hospitals, Nursing homes and the occasional Special Needs Schools too, and they thrive on all the fuss and attention that they get when they visit.  A couple of my girls thoroughly enjoy Agility at a school near by in Cheadle called Staffs Agility School, it is not only fun for them but it is great teaching them to work with you as a team. 

I am striving at present to start up a Water Training Group in this area, and hopefully will have something organised for next year, if I can find a suitable place to train, watch this space !!!!!!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk to me about the Leonberger I am always willing to help people in their quest to be owned by a Leonberger.

Penny xxxx